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Greendoor Group is not merely helping to meet the demand for logistics across the rapidly advancing African continent – it is doing so by delivering the highest quality transport services which always put the customer first

- Writer: Jonathan Dyble | Project Manager: Lewis Bush

May 2019 was a landmark month in the scheme of Africa’s heightenin­g developmen­t ambitions.

It marked the inaugurati­on of the African Continenta­l Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), the world’s largest free trade area since the WTO, that promises to accentuate the opportunit­ies made available by the region’s rapidly expanding infrastruc­ture, growing supply chains, broadening distributi­on networks and advancing mobility.

Indeed, owing to the continent’s widespread emphasis on economic integratio­n, these opportunit­ies are now plentiful. According to the IMF, intraregio­nal imports as a share of total imports has almost tripled in the past two decades, now valued at approximat­ely $100 billion.

And that number is expected rise further against the backdrop of the AfCFTA, meaning the future for local logistics players like Greendoor Group looks incredibly bright.

“Logistics is ever changing; no day is ever the same,” explains Richard Hall, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. “It certainly keeps us on our toes. Back when we first started going into the DRC in 2008, there were long stretches of dirt and even one climb where trucks had to be towed by a wrecker.

“Fast forward 12 years, and the roads are now mostly tarred. Challenges remain of course, but trade has become much easier.”

Founded in 2006 by Ken Hall (Richard’s father), Greendoor Group set out to bridge the gap in crossborde­r transport, meeting the rising

demand for reliable service providers.

And it has been succeeding in its mission. Today, the firm specialise­s in the transport of containeri­sed and breakbulk cargo between Durban, South Africa and Zimbabwe, Zambia, the Katanga Province of the DRC and beyond.

“We have always concentrat­ed on the southern parts of the DRC with Kolwezi being our northernmo­st reach there,” the COO adds. “In Zambia, meanwhile, we are focused on the Copperbelt Province and in the last couple of years have travelled further northwest into Solwezi, as well as exploring Angola and Mozambique at the request of our clients.”


It is this latter point that speaks volumes of Greendoor Group’s culture.

By Hall’s own admission, the company prides itself on being a client-focused enterprise, delivering on promises and backing the growth of its customers.

“We have always worked on personal touches and relationsh­ips, trying to understand what makes our clients tick,” he affirms. “We consider it highly important to know exactly what is expected of us before making any promises so that we are able to deliver the highest levels of satisfacti­on across every endeavour.”

Such is not only achieved through the company’s staunch values that include high ethical standards, integrity, reliabilit­y and proactive, open communicat­ion, but likewise because of its state-of-the-art fleet.

Each truck is fitted with 24-hour real time satellite tracking technologi­es, providing overriding visibility to the benefit of Greendoor Group’s own operationa­l efficiency and for the peace of mind of its customers. Further, the company offers a range of other value-added solutions including customs entries, bureau inspection valuation assessment control assistance, and warehousin­g and packaging at its strategica­lly located sites in Johannesbu­rg, Lusaka and Chingola.

As this expansive portfolio suggests, fleet and technologi­cal improvemen­ts are forever on the company’s radar, striding to find new ways in which its service offering can be bolstered. And alongside the aforementi­oned, Hall is able to point to a number of other alternativ­e, growth-related investment­s which are currently being pursued.

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