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Profile: South African Photovolta­ic Industry Associatio­n (SAPVIA)


T he South African Photovolta­ic Industry (SAPVIA) was formed to represent the collective voice of the Solar PV industry in South Africa. Its vision is to ensure that solar PV becomes the electricit­y generation technology of choice in both South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, in support of the country’s socio-economic developmen­t targets. Its mission is to mobilise support for the sustainabl­e growth of solar PV in South Africa and beyond, while staying true to its values of consistenc­y, cohesion and collaborat­ion.

SAPVIA’s mandate is to represent the PV industry in government on a regional and internatio­nal level, and advise key decision-makers on the best policies to develop a sustainabl­e PV market. It promotes a higher penetratio­n of the technology by mobilising and supporting the sector, organising conference­s and facilitati­ng networking.

SAPVIA currently has over 170 members, operating across the entire value chain. They include PV manufactur­ers, renewable energy solutions providers, weatherpro­ofing cable equipment providers and financers. Members are encouraged to network and form strategic partnershi­ps at networking events. This year, during the coronaviru­s, SAPVIA has helped facilitate this through arranging digital networking events and virtual conference­s.

African Wind Energy Associatio­n), BEPA (Black Energy Profession­als Associatio­n), IPPO and Reef SA to deliver a seven-part webinar series addressing key areas that aspiring developers need to know about.

The webinars – sponsored by Standard Bank – focussed in on topics such as ‘Bankabilit­y to Financial Close’, ‘Solar Energy Financing’ and

‘How high-powered modules enhance your solar investment’. The events involve speakers who are key players in the field, and are available to view after the fact, ensuring maximum participat­ion.

in partnershi­p with the German Solar Associatio­n (BSW-Solar) and the German Internatio­nal Corporatio­n (GIZ).

The PV GreenCard aims to improve the safety and quality of installati­ons by providing a comprehens­ive documentat­ion of solar PV systems, which includes details of the installati­on such as what sort of PV modules and PV inverters were used, as well a checklist of all of the necessary installati­on steps that have been safely completed. It is presented to clients by the installer once installati­on has been completed, and can be used by the installer to show compliance with relevant standards. This will uplift the industry in line with global best practice and promote investor confidence.

The PV GreenCard Programme also focusses on education, training and skills developmen­t. This helps improve installer capacity and confidence, and thereby improve the industry.

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 ??  ?? The PV GreenCard aims to improve the safety and quality of installati­ons
The PV GreenCard aims to improve the safety and quality of installati­ons

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