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Upside-down world


The series of personal stories from the editor, the publisher and the writers of New African on their personal experience­s during the Covid lockdown was brilliant – it came as a welcome relief from all the doom and gloom around us at the time. (When the world turned upside down; February / March 2022.)

The anecdotes sparked a good deal of conversati­on in my family as we too reviewed how we had survived this traumatic period, and gave us a moment to reflect on life and real values – while also rememberin­g those that we had lost to the pandemic.

It also brought us much closer to the writers, who have become our friends and even members of our families virtually over the years, but whom we did not know beyond their names and photos. It provided us with a glimpse of the real people, and their own lives and issues behind the bylines, making our bonds stronger.

More features along these lines in our favourite magazine will be welcome.

AZIZ NASSIR, Maiduguri, Nigeria

We wish to thank all the readers who have expressed their appreciati­on for our co er story feature through various channels; unfortunat­ely we cannot publish all their individual sentiments but we feel the letter abo e re ects most of their views. – Editor

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