Threats to Birds of Prey and other Wildlife


Electrocut­ion and collision with power structures are the two biggest threats to wildlife with power lines increasing­ly built through protected areas that are wildliferi­ch. If badly designed, these power lines are deadly to wildlife. Each death is avoidable. With minor changes, safe options can be installed at the outset. “Electrocut­ion on power lines is one of the biggest threats to eagles in Kenya,” said Sidney Shema, a wildlife biologist with a keen interest in birds of prey who manages the Kenya Bird Map project. “Retrofitti­ng with plastic hoods, for example, can make electricit­y lines safer for wildlife and save money by preventing blackouts associated with bird/wildlife electrocut­ion. Making Kenya's power grid safer for wildlife should be among the major conservati­on priorities as the country develops.” Swara will feature an update on what is being done to address this problem in our next issue.

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