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It was most interestin­g to read the two comparison­s of overpopula­tion, buffaloes in Lake Nakuru National Park by Paul Rossiter and people in the Mara by Delta Willis!

I have written many times about “the elephant in the room”, the inability of politician­s to deal with the burgeoning growth of the human population worldwide, many times. I am also frustrated and surprised that people respected in the conservati­on industry do not use this platform to highlight the problem. How, for example, can Greta Thunberg rant on about having her childhood stolen, by global warming and climate change, without mentioning the causes behind it, the human population, both young and old.

Recently, there has been a lot of publicity about discarded plastics, but nothing about the people who use it and irresponsi­bly dispose of it!

Paul Rossiter looks at the buffaloes in Nakuru and suggests that the only way to reduce pressures on the park and retain a healthy population is to cull numbers. With humans, comparativ­ely speaking, it is quality of life, adequate food, clean water, good education and health possibilit­ies, comfortabl­e living conditions, security and peace and harmony.

If humans are living in these conditions, why are thousands being trafficked across Libya to fates sometimes worse than death or, at best, life in a refugee camp? When charities in Asia complain about the use of child labour, do they understand what the awful alternativ­es are?

Hypothetic­ally speaking, I am a superior power, one notch above mankind and I have studied the maximum carrying capacity of cities and towns in different parts of the world. In my extensive travels, I have been to countries where Paul Rossiter’s Nakuru Buffalo “overload”, looks like a sparsely populated paradise. Population­s are bursting at the seams, thus the traffic across Libya, the migrants arriving in

South Africa from central African states and the thousands of South and Central American citizens knocking on the USA's door in California, Arizona and Texas. And no one anywhere is doing anything about it!

Should I, therefore, as this superior power, adopt what Paul Rossiter proposes with the buffaloes, start a culling project? As he says if translocat­ion (read migration for humans) proves unfeasible, what alternativ­es do I have? Delta Willis says that “few dare speak directly about human overpopula­tion”, which is why we have the problem still. It may be completely unrealisti­c on my part, but I would urge that policies are introduced to ask all prospectiv­e parents to reflect seriously and deeply on their future children’s possibilit­ies as to whether they will experience the quality of life that they should be entitled to in 2019.

Peter Thomas

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