Tiwi Turtle Police

- - Lena Möller

The ‘Tiwi Turtle Police’ on the Kenyan coast is a new project in turtle conservati­on that was started by the Wirth family. Turtles face a turbulent tide as they are heavily poached for their eggs, meat and for medicinal use. They are listed as critically endangered or endangered. The family is dedicated to conservati­on and have dedicated the 300-metre long beach as a perfect shelter to move turtle eggs that could be preyed upon or destroyed. Prowin pro-Nature, a German nature-based conservati­on organisati­on rebuilt the hotel’s old staff quarters into a turtle ranger post and Kenya Wildlife Service has two rangers stationed there to train the community and the 12 ‘Tiwi turtle’ policemen chosen by them on turtle care. Ten nests were relocated to the new site and in the first half of 2019 more than 4,000 turtle hatchlings found their way safely into the ocean.

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