Till 15 min­utes do us part! The short­est mar­riage ever takes place in Dubai

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A Dubai cou­ple had the short­est mar­riage in his­tory, only 15 min­utes. The groom had signed a con­tract with his fa­ther-in-law to pay $27,224 — $13,612 upon the sign­ing of the mar­riage con­tract in­side the Sharia of­fice and a sim­i­lar amount upon leav­ing the court build­ing. The groom made the ini­tial pay­ment but when he came out with his bride and rel­a­tives, the fa­ther in-law de­manded pay­ment on the spot. Even pleas by the groom to the wife’s fa­ther that he be given five min­utes to get the money from the car in the park­ing lot, were re­jected as the fa­ther-in­law in­sisted he sends a friend or a rel­a­tive. The groom then went back to the court and di­vorced his wife, say­ing he was “in­sulted and de­meaned.” All this took 15 min­utes.

Boss, I am god, so I can’t come to work ev­ery day

An en­gi­neer in Gu­jarat, In­dia told his bosses that he only at­tended work 16 times in eight months be­cause he was busy be­ing the 10th in­car­na­tion of the Hindu god Vishnu. Af­ter be­ing served an of­fi­cial no­tice to ex­plain why he should not be pun­ished, Rameshchan­dra Fe­far, ex­plained in a letter to the Gu­jarat gov­ern­ment’s Sar­dar Sarovar Pu­nar­vas­vat Agency, that he had been too busy with divine work to fo­cus on his job. Mr Fe­far, who con­sid­ers him­self a rein­car­nate of Vishnu — the Hindu god usu­ally de­picted as hav­ing four arms and blue skin — claimed he had played an role in end­ing In­dia’s se­vere droughts.

Cockroach milk most nu­tri­tious on Earth

Will you try it? Sci­en­tists from In­dia’s In­sti­tute for Stem Cell Bi­ol­ogy and Re­gen­er­a­tive Medicine be­lieve that the “cockroach milk” pro­duced by a cer­tain species of cock­roaches, Pa­cific Bee­tle Cockroach, could one day be­come the ul­ti­mate su­per­food. Their re­search dis­cov­ered that it de­liv­ers three times the en­ergy con­tent of buf­falo milk and con­tains pro­tein, es­sen­tial amino acids, lipids and sugar. The Pa­cific Bee­tle Cockroach em­bryos grow much faster and much big­ger than those of other species. But “milk­ing cockroach” is not easy and it takes 1,000 cock­roaches to harvest 100 grammes of “milk.

Wip­ing your back­side with the supreme leader

Po­lice in Turk­menistan have be­gun in­spect­ing pub­lic and pri­vate toi­lets across the coun­try, since news broke out that ci­ti­zens are us­ing news­pa­pers with photos of Pres­i­dent Gur­ban­guly Berdy­mukhamme­dov, as toi­let pa­per. Crit­ics out­side the coun­try say that it would be dif­fi­cult to find a news­pa­per with­out his photo un­der his au­thor­i­tar­ian rule. Last Year, Pres­i­dent Berdy­mukhamme­dov banned black cars in the coun­try be­cause the pres­i­dent loves white!

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