Re­searchers find new way to di­ag­nose liver can­cer

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Re­searchers in China have iden­ti­fied gut mi­cro­biota as a new biomarker of liver can­cer. Hepa­to­cel­lu­lar car­ci­noma (HCC) is the most com­mon type of liver can­cer and the third lead­ing cause of can­cer-re­lated deaths world­wide. Due to the ab­sence of spe­cific symp­toms in early stages and the lack of di­ag­nos­tic mark­ers, most pa­tients with HCC are of­ten di­ag­nosed at an ad­vanced stage. Re­searchers from the School of Medicine, Zhe­jiang Univer­sity, and the First Af­fil­i­ated Hos­pi­tal of Zhengzhou Univer­sity fo­cused on the dif­fer­ent gut mi­cro­bial di­ver­sity in healthy peo­ple and pa­tients, and came up with a new solution for the early di­ag­no­sis of liver can­cer. Hu­man gut mi­cro­biota helps the body digest cer­tain foods that the stom­ach and small in­tes­tine can­not. The re­search was re­cently pub­lished in the med­i­cal jour­nal Gut. The re­searchers said more data and fur­ther stud­ies are needed to con­firm the va­lid­ity and re­li­a­bil­ity of the model.

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