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Ev­ery team oc­ca­sion­ally gets stuck in bad pat­terns or un­healthy dy­nam­ics. But if the team is aware, it can change them. As a leader, you can help team mem­bers de­velop meta-aware­ness: a ca­pac­ity to help each in­di­vid­ual no­tice their own per­spec­tive and that of the team. You also want to push ev­ery­one to be aware of how your com­pany’s sys­tems and cul­ture shape your ap­proach to work. This may sound com­pli­cated, but sim­ple prac­tices can help. Start team meet­ings with a short mind­ful­ness ex­er­cise to in­crease steadi­ness and fo­cus. En­cour­age team mem­bers to reg­u­larly think about pat­terns and dy­nam­ics by tak­ing a deep breath and stand­ing slightly apart from the flow of events. That will help them see things more clearly. Con­sider des­ig­nat­ing one team mem­ber as the “ob­server” of ev­ery meet­ing. Al­ter­na­tively you could re­serve 10 min­utes on the meet­ing agenda for par­tic­i­pants to share their ob­ser­va­tions on how the team is work­ing to­gether. The more self-aware your team is, the more likely it will be to self-cor­rect, think out­side the box, and air griev­ances.

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