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How to build solid busi­ness re­la­tion­ships

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On a ba­sic level, good busi­ness re­la­tion­ships are the lifeblood of busi­ness suc­cess. Peo­ple do busi­ness with peo­ple and re­la­tion­ship is key. So, do you know how to build busi­ness re­la­tion­ships? If you don’t, fear not. Here are five easy ways to do it.

Be Help­ful: is is where you start. Your busi­ness re­la­tion­ship gets stronger when you find ways to give mas­sive value to your stake­hold­ers. You could do this by pro­vid­ing help­ful con­tent and in­sight, con­nect­ing them to use­ful re­la­tion­ships, shar­ing prof­itable op­por­tu­ni­ties with stake­hold­ers, etc. Get cre­ative in how you can be help­ful based on your un­der­stand­ing of their needs.

Re­spect Peo­ple’s Time: In busi­ness, peo­ple do not want to feel dis­re­spected and one way to en­sure that they don’t is by re­spect­ing their time. Here, you do your best to keep time and dead­line agree­ments. When peo­ple feel re­spected, busi­ness deal­ings tend to go well. Fur­ther­more, they are com­fort­able en­gag­ing with you be­cause they know that you won’t dis­or­gan­ise their plans by not meet­ing dead­lines.

Re­spect Cul­tural Con­text: Of­ten, en­trepreneur­s fail to un­der­stand the cul­tural di­men­sion of busi­ness. In the global busi­ness ecosys­tem, cul­ture plays a vi­tal role. How busi­ness is done in Kenya is dif­fer­ent from how it is done in Ja­pan and you must be sen­si­tive to the cul­tural dy­nam­ics if you must thrive. Typ­i­cally, peo­ple shut down when they be­lieve that you are in­sen­si­tive to their cul­ture. Study the cul­tural prac­tices of the mar­ket(s) in which you op­er­ate, and your busi­ness re­la­tion­ships will be bet­ter.

Keep Your Word: In my view, the prover­bial hand­shake still ap­plies in the twenty-first cen­tury. Al­though we now have le­gal in­stru­ments to pro­tect busi­ness in­ter­ests, peo­ple ex­pect you to keep your word and re­spect terms. If you build the rep­u­ta­tion of break­ing your prom­ises, peo­ple get un­com­fort­able with do­ing busi­ness with you. Peo­ple do busi­ness with those they know, like, and trust.

Pro­tect Peo­ple’s In­ter­ests: e late renowned au­thor and mo­ti­va­tional speaker, Zig Ziglar said: “You can get ev­ery­thing in life you want if you will just help enough other peo­ple get what they want.” How true. is idea goes against the com­mon greed cul­ture in busi­­stead of fo­cus­ing on your needs, you get bet­ter re­sults and build solid busi­ness re­la­tion­ships when you help peo­ple get what they want. Peo­ple feel as­sured when they know that their in­ter­est is se­cured with you and this could make you their pre­ferred busi­ness part­ner.

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