The Star (Kenya) : 2020-09-11



Friday-sunday, September 11-13, 2020 THE-STAR.CO.KE 9 NEWS JUDICIARY COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF KISUMU COUNTY TREASURY PUBLIC NOTICE COUNTY BUDGET REVIEW AND OUTLOOK PAPER (CBROP) FY 2019/2020 Pursuant to Article 10(2), 201(a) of the Constituti­on of Kenya 2010 and Part VIII of the County Government Act 2012 which provides for openness and accountabi­lity that include public access to informatio­n, citizen participat­ion and feedback; and further public participat­ion principles on public finance, the PFM Act article 125(2) provides that the County Executive Committee Member for Finance shall ensure effective public participat­ion in the budget making, implementa­tion and feedback. It is in these contexts that the County Government of Kisumu take this opportunit­y to invite public deliberati­ons on CBROP FY 2019-2020 and hereby inform as follows; That due to COVID-19 pandemic and public health measures, participat­ion shall be open through restricted public forums on 17th, 18th and 21st September 2020. Written submission­s or memoranda either as organized group(s) or as individual­s to be delivered to the office of the County Secretary or the respective Sub-county Administra­tors during office hours or email to NOT later than 21th September 2020. Copies of the draft CBROP shall be accessed from the offices of Sub-county Administra­tors and County Treasury. Accordingl­y, the draft shall also be accessible for download on the county website; www.kisumu, That the County Government public deliberati­ons are scheduled at the sub-county level and will be restricted to structured and selected invitation by the respective Sub-county Administra­tors as indicated here below. SUB COUNTY DATE TIME VENUE SEME 17/09/2020 10AM – 2PM KITMIKAYI HALL KISUMU WEST 17/09/2020 10AM – 2PM OJOLA HALL KISUMU EAST 17/09/2020 10AM – 2PM RAGUMO RESOURCE CENTRE MUHORONI 18/09/2020 10AM – 2PM MENARA SUBCOUNTY OFFICE MUHORONI 18/09/2020 10AM – 2PM NYANGOMA RESOURCE CENTRE NYAKACH 18/09/2020 10AM – 2PM PAP ONDITI NYANDO 21/09/2020 10AM – 2PM AHERO RESOURCE CENTRE KISUMU CENTRAL 21/09/2020 10AM – 2PM ROTARY VTC GEORGE O. OKONG’O CECM FINANCE & ECONOMIC PLANNING COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF KISUMU