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Keep your concierge’s num­ber on speed dial There are four dis­tinct sea­sons: win­ter (Dec-Feb) is icy, dry and hazy; spring can be windy and dusty, but blos­som-lovely; sum­mer (Jun-Aug) is steamy and wet; au­tumn months are fo­liage fab­u­lous and clear In­cheon In­ter­na­tional Air­port into down­town Seoul by reg­u­lar cab: 60 mins / 60,000 won (20% sur­charge mid­night-4am); by deluxe ‘Mobeom’ cab: 90,000 won Taxis are plen­ti­ful. There are two types: deluxe black cost dou­ble, reg­u­lar are grey, white, blue + or­ange. Or else the sub­way is su­per easy and ef­fi­cient, or try Korea’s an­swer to Uber, There are mul­ti­ple ad­dress sys­tems in Korea, though most have now adopted the new nam­ing con­ven­tion, it’s still a good idea to call ahead and use land­marks Be sure to bring ad­dresses in Korean as every car is wired with a life-sav­ing, on-the-dot GPS nav­i­ga­tor. If that fails, have your taxi driver call for di­rec­tions Out­side the ho­tels, al­most no one speaks English, so keep an in­ter­preter on speed dial (see Very Use­ful) There’s no need to tip, a smile will do nicely, thank you Seoulites are ex­tremely image con­scious and of­ten out­wardly con­ser­va­tive, you will be judged on your ap­pear­ance – avoid plung­ing neck­lines and g-strings as out­er­wear, or you will be treated ac­cord­ingly When meet­ing lo­cals, note that your age will be the first topic of con­ver­sa­tion (rather than the weather). Be pre­pared to di­vulge, or tact­fully divert the is­sue Some restau­rants and tem­ples re­quire shoes off Credit cards are widely ac­cepted, but cash-up at English lan­guage ATMs (see Shop/Myeong­dong and Shop/Itae­won) Int’l code for Seoul is +82 2. If call­ing a lo­cal land­line from a mo­bile, dial 02 first, dial 010 for mo­biles Emer­gen­cies/fire 119, po­lice 112, med­i­cal aid 1339

These Korean phrases will come in handy...

An­nyeong haseyo An­nyeonghi gaseyo / gye­seyo Gamsa ham­nida Yeogiyo!

: Hello there : Bye bye : Thanks, ever so : Yo, waiter, over here! Yo, taxi driver, stop! ’kay, let’s party...

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