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Hwang Chi-yeul to make comeback


K-pop crooner Hwang Chi-yeul plans to make a comeback this month with his second EP album, “Be Myself,” his agency said on Tuesday.

The record is scheduled to come out on April 24 and will be Hwang’s first release since “Be Ordinary” came out 10 months ago, according to HOW Entertainm­ent.

Hwang had remained in obscurity for nearly a decade after his 2007 debut but experience­d a reversal of fortune in 2016 when China’s Hunan satellite TV invited him to participat­e in season 4 of “I Am a Singer,” a Chinese adaptation of the popular South Korean singing competitio­n program.

Having snatched the No. 1 spot on two seasons of the Chinese program, Hwang became a huge sensation across the country and won the title “Man of the Continent.”

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