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Lawyers back eviction law

- By Jaber Al-Humoud Al-Seyassah Staff

KUWAIT CITY, April 6: Several lawyers have expressed support for Law Number 125/1992 which stipulates that bachelors living in private residentia­l areas should leave within six months, affirming the law is correct and such tenants have no right to resort to court.

The lawyers explained their views on the law due to the prevalence of bachelors living in private residentia­l areas and the social problems this phenomenon has brought to the society. The lawyers warned against violation of this law as it might lead to fines and disconnect­ion of power supply if the concerned tenants fail to vacate as ordered.

Attorney Mohammad Al-Mutairi confirmed the directive on evicting bachelors from private residentia­l areas is in accordance with the law. He said allowing bachelors to live in private residentia­l areas could cause problems to families and infringe on the rights of the latter.

Al-Mutairi pointed out that bachelors could be relocated to commercial and investment residentia­l areas, indicating the landlords of private residentia­l plots could be fined KD 500 or more if they are notified about the violation and still persist on breaking the law.

On the other hand, Attorney In’aam Heydar mentioned that in recent days the phenomenon of bachelors living in private residentia­l areas is on the rise; thereby, causing serious social problems deemed harmful to families and the community in general despite having a clear law which forbids it.

Heydar lamented that in spite of the clarity of the law, its implementa­tion has been difficult due to the fact that the Constituti­on of Kuwait protects the sanctity of private houses, which means it is illegal for anyone to enter without proper permission from the owner (landlord) or in special cases by the law.

Also, Attorney Lulua Al-Qallaf stressed the need to strictly comply with laws of the country, asserting it is the duty of everyone to abide by these laws even those related to renting houses and accommodat­ions.

The lawyer called on the citizens and expatriate­s to abide by the law to avoid disorder and problems in their residentia­l areas, adding it is possible to force landlords not to lease their houses to bachelors but if such landlords are adamant, the neighbors have the right to file grievances against the landlord to the Municipal Council.

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