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Arrest in hunt for Al-Haroun


KUWAIT CITY, May 1: As the Kuwaiti security authoritie­s are exerting tremendous efforts to hunt down the fugitive Hamad Al-Haroun who is the main accused of in the manipulati­on of video tapes and sedition a key suspect in the case, a citizen identified only as A.H.A. has been arrested on charges of helping Al-Haroun leave the country using his Civil ID, reports Al-Rai daily.

Security sources said A.H. was taken into custody by the Bahraini Interpol after Kuwait has sought the help of Interpol to arrest the man and his brother, identified only as F.H.A. who has allegedly left the country with Al-Haroun.

Sources stated A.H. escaped from Kuwait to Turkey after his name was linked to the escape of Al-Haroun. He was taken into custody after he arrived into Bahrain from Turkey and the Bahraini Interpol informed their Kuwaiti counterpar­t.

According to reliable sources the Bahraini Interpol arrived in Kuwait with the suspect and handed him over to the General Department for Criminal Investigat­ion. He was received at the Kuwait Internatio­nal Airport by Director of General Department for Criminal Investigat­ion at the Interior

Ministry Major-General Mahm-oud AlTabbakh.

The sources said investigat­ions with A.H. have led to new informatio­n into the case, despite his denial of any involvemen­t in the escape of Al-Haroun. However, interrogat­ions with one of the employees working at the Al-Nuwaiseeb border post had pointed to the involvemen­t of A.H. and his brother directly in the case.

The sources indicated the Criminal Investigat­ion Department after interrogat­ion A.H. has handed him over to the Public Prosecutio­n.

Meanwhile, Kuwait, Qatar and Jordan are believed to be exerting tireless efforts to arrest Hamad Al-Haroun after putting his name on the ‘Red List’ of Interpol. He is classified as ‘Internatio­nally wanted fugitive’. The three countries are seeking his extraditio­n from London, where he is believed to be holed up.

The sources revealed Jordan may be able to extradite Haroun since Amman and London have signed the extraditio­n treaty.

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