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Assembly to plug loopholes in e-law

- By Abubakar A. Ibrahim

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 11: The Parliament will address loopholes in the Electronic Media Law to ensure it does not suppress freedoms, says MP Yousef Al-Zalzalah.

Al-Zalzalah made the statement in a seminar entitled, “Electronic Media Law. Supporters and Detractors,” held Tuesday at the Kuwait Lawyers Associatio­n (KLA) building.

The other speaker was KLA representa­tive Attorney Hussein Al-Abdullah who said the current version of the law ignored opinion of the civil society and it restricts public freedoms.

Al-Zalzalah stressed that underminin­g security and sowing discord under the pretext of public freedoms will not be tolerated while AlAbdullah rejected suppressio­n of public freedoms under the guise of maintainin­g peace and order.

In his response, Al-Zalzalah said, “We in the Parliament do not pass laws which restrict freedom.” He affirmed the Parliament always considers the views of civil society and pressure groups in discussing issues at hand. He argued, “This law is still in its infancy and it represents the ground from which modern legislatio­n will take off”.

On the other hand, Al-Abdullah said electronic media is one of the most important issues in the local arena. He clarified, “We are not against regulating the electronic media, but the law should not restrict public freedoms and

rights guaranteed by the Constituti­on. In another developmen­t, the Budget and Final Accounts Committee in the National Assembly met officials of the Financial Controller­s Agency on Wednesday. Committee Chairman MP Adnan AbdulSamad said some of those who opposed the establishm­ent of the agency are now occupying certain positions there.

He revealed that during the meeting, the agency officials presented executive steps for the applicatio­n of its law which was passed in the previous legislativ­e term. He confirmed the executive regulation­s of the law have been completed and will be approved soon. He said the committee stressed the need for a clear work mechanism in the agency to stop financial irregulari­ties in public institutio­ns. He added the committee will use the agency’s reports for the approval or rejection of proposed budgets in the future.

Moreover, Interior and Defense Committee Chairman MP Sultan AlGusaim announced the panel’s priorities for the current legislativ­e round including bills on naturaliza­tion, noncommiss­ioned officers academy at the Ministry of Defense,

Gathering Law, new areas in electoral constituen­cies, public authority for drug prevention and control, and prison regulation­s.

He added the committee will soon discuss the naturaliza­tion file with Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid and head of the Central Agency for Remedying the Status of Illegal Residents (CSRSIR) Saleh AlFadalah.

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