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Insults after defeat


- By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Email: Follow me on: ahmedaljar­

“THEY battered us and we hurled them with insults.” This is the situation of Iran’s regime after its failed maneuvers in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and even in the UAE where the return of its victorious forces that participat­ed in the Arab coalition inflicted more pain while its wolves are licking their injuries inside their dens.

The sarcastic caricature­s depicting UAE’s martyrs, which were published by Fars News Agency, showed that the regime of destructio­n, slander and terrorism is enduring the bitterness of its historic defeat.

For your informatio­n, Fars News Agency is not an electronic newspaper or privately-owned agency; it is the official platform of the Iranian regime, wherein every single letter passes through the piercing eyes of several editors and whatever gets published is usually programmed under official instructio­n. Through it, people read the entire political spectrum of Iran.

The caricature­s published by the agency against UAE’s martyrs in Yemen, are also against the Gulf and all Islamic countries which are part of the

commendabl­e coalition which stands with what is right and efforts to restore order on the southern side.

The coalition continues to sweep from Yemen the dirt of conspirato­rs working for the evil Persian regime. The use of caricature­s is an indirect acknowledg­ement of the end of the expansion scheme, not only in Yemen, but also in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Its story is like a ‘flood’ of the stinking waste of a destructiv­e group affiliated to Iran.

The publicatio­n of those silly caricature­s came after the scenes of modern and developed artillery which discipline­d the gangs of Houthi and Saleh, as well as their supporters known as Iran’s Revolution­ary Guards. The weakness of the caricature­like structure of the military was exposed in Syria and Iraq through the daily flood of caskets in Iran. This is why their screams have reached such level.

Since “every cloud has a silver lining”, this abject level of speech makes us, the GCC countries, more certain of the future of our people who are now in a safer and more peaceful situation because the Persian expansion scheme that Iran has been working on for ages collapsed like a house made of sand, and it will never stand again.

The victory achieved in Yemen and the rest of the region does not mean we should not let our guard down. In fact, it necessitat­es us to be more wary of the ‘elements’ that the Mullah regime might use to avenge through thieves and mercenarie­s.

Therefore, we ought to be more cautious in the next period. Although most of the evil elements have been dismantled in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the revenge threat remains. The threat will no longer be on the battlefiel­d because they have lost the ability to fight.

We used to say it is best for Iran to benefit from good neighborho­od relations with GCC countries for the future of its people and the region as a whole. Yet, our daily experience­s proved that Iran chose to starve its people while spending millions of dollars on terrorist organizati­ons in Asia and Africa. The only way to remove such traits is through cauterizat­ion.

The disease has spread to such an extent that Iran violates and transgress­es all sanctuarie­s as manifested in the recent incident in Mina, Saudi Arabia. It was a reflection of the level of Iran’s terrorism mentality, which it activates to satisfy its thirst for betrayal and tarnishing the image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nonetheles­s, the spell cast by Iran has backfired and the Islamic world has realized the gravity of the crime committed by its regime.

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