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Five people killed in Kurdish militant attacks in SE Turkey

EU report slams Istanbul for ‘backslidin­g’ on rights


Meanwhile, Gaza’s Hamas rulers handed over the house of the late Palestinia­n President Yasser Arafat to officials from his Fatah party on Tuesday with the intention of turning it to a museum for the iconic leader.

The house has been closed since the Islamic militant group Hamas took over Gaza in 2007 after routing the Palestinia­n Authority’s forces and ousting Fatah under the leadership of Arafat’s successor, Mahmoud Abbas, in bloody street battles.

The ceremony, attended by officials from all Palestinia­n factions, took place on the eve of the anniversar­y of Arafat’s 2004 death. During his final years, at the height of the second Palestinia­n Intifada, or uprising, Arafat lived under Israeli siege in the presidenti­al compound in the West Bank town of Ramallah. After falling ill in the fall of 2004, the 75year-old leader was flown to France, where he died in a military hospital.

when Kurdish insurgents opened fire on their car, officials said.

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