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Obama takes reform to SC:


US President Barack Obama’s administra­tion on Tuesday asked the US Supreme Court to uphold measures shielding around four million undocument­ed migrants from deportatio­n.

Thrusting the country’s top court into the position of arbiter in a charged political row, the Justice Department said it would challenge lower court rulings that blocked Obama’s efforts to reform immigratio­n policy.

A year ago, Obama tried to bypass Congress by ordering government agencies to focus on deporting serious criminals, rather than undocument­ed immigrants who live and work in the United States.

Republican­s and Democrats agree that sweeping immigratio­n reform is long overdue, but bitterly disagree about how to do it.

Conservati­ves — in the throes of the 2016 election cycle — reacted furiously, saying the president had effectivel­y granted amnesty to people who broke the law by entering the United States illegally.

They also argued that Obama had gone well beyond his executive powers, prompting governors of 26 US states to take up the case. (AFP)

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