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‘No immediate way for peace’:


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on a visit to Washington, on Tuesday voiced pessimism about the prospect of peace with the Palestinia­ns, suggesting the current stalemate was likely to remain in place.

A peace process to end nearly 70 years of conflict between Israel and the Palestinia­ns has stalled for more than a year, when the latest US attempt at mediation failed.

“Any deal, or any arrangemen­t, unilateral or negotiated, must have Israel maintain the ability to defend itself by itself against threat, including from territorie­s that are ceded,” Netanyahu said.

“That’s the most important provision,” he added. “That is something that I don’t see the Palestinia­ns accepting now.”

The Israeli leader, known to be aligned with Republican­s in Congress, was speaking at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank in the US capital.

His comments came amid growing violence that has raised fears over the potential for a new Palestinia­n uprising. (AFP)

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