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Man arrested in IS-linked plot:



Authoritie­s in France have arrested a man with links to an Islamic State jihadist in Syria over a plot to attack military personnel at a major naval base, police and judicial sources said Tuesday.

The 25-year-old, whom sources said had been monitored by intelligen­ce agencies after trying unsuccessf­ully twice last year to travel to Syria, was held late last month and charged on November 2.

The interior ministry said in a statement that the man had been under surveillan­ce “because of his radicalisa­tion and public support for jihadist ideology” and had “attempted to acquire material to carry out a violent attack on Navy personnel in Toulon”. While he was being monitored, he had a parcel delivered by the post office which was found to contain a combat knife and a mask.

During questionin­g he admitted he had been in contact with a Frenchman currently in Syria with the Islamic State (IS) group who had encouraged him to act, a source close to the case said. (AFP)

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