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Chimps caring for infant:


A chimpanzee mother cared for her disabled infant in the wild in Tanzania, Japanese researcher­s reported in a study published this week, research they hope will help in understand­ing the evolution of social care in humans.

A team of Kyoto University researcher­s discovered that a “severely disabled” female chimpanzee baby was born in a group in Tanzania’s Mahale Mountains National Park in 2011, and recorded behaviour of the group for about two years.

“The observed infant exhibited symptoms resembling Down syndrome, similar to those reported previously for a captive chimpanzee,” they said in an abstract of the study published Monday in the online edition of Primates, an internatio­nal journal of primatolog­y.

“The mother’s compensato­ry care for her infant’s disabiliti­es and allomother­ing of the infant by its sister might have

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