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T-Mobile exempts some ‘data caps’

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NEW YORK, Nov 11, (Agencies): Streaming video from Netflix, HBO and other leading services will no longer count toward data limits under T-Mobile’s higher data plans.

T-Mobile already exempts many streaming music services from data limits, but audio doesn’t use as much data as video. Video is among the leading uses of data on phones. A few hours of video can quickly eat up an entire month’s allotment under some plans.

The data exemption, dubbed Binge On, applies to 24 services, including most of the major ones, plus two from T-Mobile’s competitor­s, Verizon and AT&T. But not YouTube. T-Mobile said YouTube isn’t covered because the company couldn’t reliably tell yet that it’s video. Also not covered is video shown on Facebook feeds, as T-Mobile has no good way of distinguis­hing video traffic from musings about lunch.

Unlimited video streaming is restricted to those who have data plans of at least 3 gigabytes, which are a step up from the most basic plans. TMobile CEO John Legere said those with smaller plans probably weren’t streaming much video anyway.

But all customers will benefit from T-Mobile’s new videooptim­ization technology, which the company says means three times as much video for the same amount of data. Streams will maintain DVDlevel quality on a phone without transmitti­ng as much data. Although DVD quality is short of high definition, which many phones are capable of displaying, the company doesn’t believe most people will notice.

Apple’s freshly launched music service became available Tuesday on rival mobile devices powered by Googleback­ed Android software.

“Welcome Android users to @AppleMusic,” Apple senior vice president of internet software and services Eddie Cue said in a message fired off at Twitter.

Apple Music applicatio­ns tuned for Android-powered gadgets became available on the virtual shelves of Google’s online Play Store.

Android versions of Apple Music applicatio­ns were made available everywhere the service is offered, except China.

Apple’s new music service had previously been available on devices powered by the technology giant’s own iOS software.

The expansion to Android, the world’s most widely used mobile operating system, promised to ramp the ranks of people signed up for the service.

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