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Cancellara set to retire:


Former world and Olympic time-trial champi- classed Melissa and Julieann 21-10, 2110 as Amor and Jory hammered Joy and Julieann 21-13, 21-19 which they earnned 150 points againt 83 points.

In the single knockout game, Team No. 1 faced team No. 12 Regine, Mariecris and Rosalie they move on to the top 8 single knockout game by winning all their games 150-77 points.

After moving in the single knockout game they came face to face with team No. 6 George, Maridel and Ninette whom they also defeated based on the accumulate­d points of 126 as against 102 points.

Meanwhile during the top 8 single knockout team No. 2 also secured their post in the semifinals by slamming their opponent team No. 9 Yohan, Jaime and Mayeen with a total score of 150 points against 90 points.

Team No. 10 moved on to the semifinals by outlasting their opponent Team No. 7 Albert, Leonor and Dhang and ended up with a total score of 131 points against 113 points.

In the Level D Category the declared reigning queens are Krista Murillo and Francine Sempelo who defended the crown by defeating Joy Agaloos and Marju Delavin. They lost in the finals 24-22, 1521, 21-12. The 2nd runners-up are Donz Murillo and Mylene Collado who were outlasted by Krista and Francine during their semifinal game 18-21, 21-16, 21-19.

In the double knockout game, in Game 1 Krista and Francine smashed Mylene and Donz 21-17, 21-17; in Game 2, Remy and Agnes were clobbered by Jevez and Charisse 9-21, 7-21 while in Game 3, Joy and Marju smashed Cecile and partner 21-9, 21-8.

During Game 4 Krista and Francine beat Irene and Lilibeth 21-15, 12-21, 4-21. In Game 5, Game 2 winner Jevez and Charisse were slammed by Game 3 winner Joy and Marju 14-21, 18-21. In game 6, Game 1 loser Mylene and Donz thumped Game 5 losing team of Jevez and Charisse which game them a chance to move up to the semifinals. The game 4 winners Krista and Francine faced Game 5 winners Joy and Marju who beat them only once 1521, 9-21. Both teams then moved up to the semifinals and to the finals.

The overall tournament Director is Noel Candolesas and tournament Directors Nato Calanog and Alex Hernandez.

Announceme­nt Christmas Cup 2015 is coming to town and all badminton enthusiast­s are welcome to join. This is a 4-Friday event with 3 Fridays for the ranking and 1 Friday for finals.

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