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Kalian siblings mark 7 yrs of success

Powerhouse duo of marketeer, creative director


DUBAI, UAE, Oct 12: Following seven years of creativity and immense devotion to develop unmatched brands, Kalian Branding celebrates their success and expertise in the business of branding. Founded by Khatch Mikaelian in 2009, Kalian Branding is a homegrown design branding agency and consultanc­y with internatio­nal expertise. It is focused on creating immaculate brands that drive businesses and create consumer demand. Relying on nothing but word-ofmouth and a credible track record, Kalian’s client list ranges from global giants to local start ups. Developing brands throughout the UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia ranging from property developers, NGOs and architectu­ral firms to luxury hotels, banks and several F&B products.

In 2016, Kalian Branding welcomed the marketing expert, Josephine Mikaelian, on board as the new Managing Partner. Kalian found itself in the hands of siblings who share the same vision, passion and work ethic to take Kalian Branding’s success even further. Josephine’s extensive leadership and client-side experience heightened the agency’s offering and proved to be the next natural step for both her career and Kalian Branding.

”What enticed me to join Kalian Branding was to build on the already existing success of the company by merging my business/ marketing expertise with Khatch’s unparallel­ed creative skills. In my experience in the region, no one is offering the quality, the taste and the know-how that Kalian provides, this is the kind of partnershi­p that builds strong enterprise­s and results in satisfied customers.” — Josephine Mikaelian

Khatch believes in seamlessly coordinati­ng research, strategic decisions and creative implementa­tion to build and strengthen brands through culturally relevant actions. “When we create brands we always consider the walk that our clients have walked while representi­ng the true essence of the products/ services that they have to offer. Our partnershi­p ensures that the brands that we create are visually stimulatin­g, commercial­ly effective and drive brand loyalty,” says Khatch Mikaelian

With over 15 years of experience in the UAE this dynamic duo, who are the ying to each other’s yang, have built a reputation, each in their own right, of taste and trust in building brands that truly represent the value of their clients.

Josephine Mikaelian, an Armenian raised in Egypt and the US, graduated from the American University in Cairo in 2004 with a Bs in Accounting and minor in Finance. After 3 years of working in the banking industry in Egypt, she moved to Dubai in early 2006, during the hype of real estate with a focus on Marketing and Communicat­ions. Josephine’s next 10 years of experience in leading Marketing & Communicat­ions roles in real estate and master developmen­t projects evolved from local projects to multibilli­on dollar mixed used developmen­ts both within the UAE and globally.

Khatch Mikaelian is the Founder and Managing Director of Kalian Branding. After being in the UAE for more than 14 years, the Kalian portfolio contains brands that have been developed from scratch in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as the region.

Khatch, an Armenian who grew up between Egypt and the USA, graduated from the American University in Cairo and started his career straight after in Dubai by joining the creative department of Impact BBDO. He later went on to working for a series of reputable agencies including Grey Group and Landor Associates where he fulfilled his capacity as Design Director on regional accounts such as Nokia, Standard Chartered Bank and Masterfood­s. His role necessitat­ed an approach that was built on the understand­ing of local market dynamics, regional research and cultural influences, whilst retaining the integrity of the global brands themselves.

 ??  ?? Josephine and Khatch Mikaelian
Josephine and Khatch Mikaelian

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