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Leader’s attitude could lead to US bankruptcy, loss of friends


“THE way in which the US president deals with the Arab world, especially the Gulf states, is disgusting,” columnist, professor at Kuwait University’s Political Science Department and former MP Dr Hassan Abdullah Jowhar wrote for Al-Jarida daily.

“Succumbing to this kind of rhetoric is certainly encouragin­g the man to go further and practice political thuggery and hurl insults without giving in to any diplomatic etiquette or political morals that reflects the image and prestige of the United States as the world’s superpower.

“Donald Trump’s behavior looks disgusting in general even with his American opponents and this is reflected in his campaign not only against Democratic candidates but even with his rivals within the Republican Party, but his way of lip-smacking was echoed in the same way and level regardless of the consequenc­es of such rhetoric.

“Trump started his campaign by insulting the Gulf states and promised voters that he would extort these countries financiall­y and deal with them like a dairy cow to be slaughtere­d after plundering all their ‘wealth’.

“However, for the time being it looks like he is carrying out his threats in an organized manner and will not hesitate to issue orders to collect the value of the invoice related to all his policies in the region from the Gulf states.

“But to see him reaching this level of dealing with the government­s of the region when he said these government­s cannot stand for a week without the protection of the United States is disgracefu­l and inappropri­ate political behavior which cannot be applied even on the adversarie­s, so how can he deal with allies and friends in this manner.

“Our region is situated in the circles of danger and tension. The alliance with the major powers, including the United States, may be one of regional security strategies, but we must not lose sight of internatio­nal balances and, more importantl­y, examine regional security from the perspectiv­e of the interests of the countries concerned in the region and activate the diplomatic dialogue in total transparen­cy.

“Apart from the above, we must look at America’s positions throughout history in betraying its allies and abandoning them during the most difficult circumstan­ces.

“In this context, at the height of the Cold War, the


United States turned its back on its closest friends and allowed the then Soviet Communism to devour them one by one in the East and West of the world and the Latin American continent.

“Such being the case, we reserve the right to wonder why Trump is backtracki­ng on threats against the European Union, Japan, Russia, China, North Korea, Canada and Mexico, while behaving like a lion with the Gulf states after every ‘meal’ of billions of dollars.

“Not only that, after each meal, he is immediatel­y taking some decisions in favor of Israel, defying the feelings of hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims, in violation of all internatio­nal laws.

“We do not want to dispute the United States as a global might, a world economy, a superpower or its peaceful people because of the election of a president who is about to win dozens of suspicions, but he must learn lessons in ethics and political literature and must keep in mind that as far as our government­s are in need of him from the military and security point of view, he is also in need of our funds and this is the only merit of his current administra­tion and the American people to tolerate his madness, otherwise he (Trump) will be financiall­y bankrupt in addition to his frank political bankruptcy.”

“The American President Donald Trump is a freak personalit­y full of contradict­ory shortsight­ed attitudes,” columnist Dr Adel Hamad Al-Roumi wrote for Annahar daily.

“With such personalit­y he sometimes uses the blackmaili­ng tone in his day to day dealing with the Gulf states. Not only that, his repeated ‘tweets’ center on ‘pay…pay’, linked to complement­ary word ‘Iran…Iran’.

“Nonetheles­s, all of us are against the Islamic Republic of Iran interferin­g in the internal affairs of the Gulf Cooperatio­n Council (GCC) peaceful member states. In the meantime, we know that Iran strives to impose its influence in the region.

“But this does not give the US right to provoke these states as if the latter are incapable of defending themselves. These states actually possess the necessary might and influence, but they do not prefer to use the same, simply because both their leadership­s and peoples are peaceful and have no desire towards expansioni­sm and domination.

“It is needless to say the repeated provocatio­ns of Trump against the Gulf states is to request more money and leave those who follow the political affairs under impression about the shortsight­edness of Mr. President, particular­ly in terms of his strategies in dealing with his allies in the region.

“However, does President Trump know that there is a second, third and fourth power in the world? Does he know that the Gulf states due to his exceeding provocatio­ns will be in a position to leave the American camp and select an alternativ­e and competitiv­e camp, ‘Russia’?

“In this context, we suggest that the prospectiv­e coalition between the Gulf states and Russia is likely to constitute a unique opportunit­y to for an alternativ­e power ‘Russia’ and achieve the necessary reconcilia­tion between Iran and the Gulf states.

“This is because through such a prospectiv­e coalition, Russia will be friend of both parties — the Gulf states and Iran and as such the region, will enter a new age of peaceful Gulf/Iranian coalition on the basis of the joint interests based on the political convention, how the enemy of today will be transforme­d into a friend tomorrow.

“However, if this happened, then the US will lose huge generous financial support from the Arabian Gulf states directly and indirectly mostly represente­d by the concluding of weapons deals, investment­s, sovereign and US Treasury bonds and so on.”

“I never imagined I would live to see a person defending cheating, and again, tolerate his call for applicatio­n of lighter punishment­s against anyone resorting to the disgracefu­l act that adversely affects and afflicts not only the person cheating but the whole society,” columnist Mohammad Al-Saddani wrote for Al Rai daily.

“I was surprised to see a group of students holding a protest in front the office of the Minister of Education and the Parliament demanding the minister to change the mechanism of dealing with cheating, because according to them, it was unjust. I am appalled and astonished with the way one of the protesting students dared made such utterances, which no sane person can utter.

“Cheating is a precursor in establishi­ng the principles of corruption that destroys nations, so the ministry’s stance in enforcing deterrence measures and tightening punishment­s on this destructiv­e phenomenon is lauded, despite its many failures in countless files.

“The deteriorat­ion of ethics due to cheating is a matter of great significan­ce that no society should bear the consequenc­es and negative effects, because after cheating the cheat will relinquish all traits such as honesty, sincerity and respect, without which a person can be called human being?

“We need to fix the bad ethics and misconduct in our children that cause the slackness in applying rules and regulation­s, in addition to corruption within some educationa­l department­s that facilitate destructiv­e traits. I wish a table is added to the certificat­e of a cheating-graduatest­udent to shed light on the number of times he cheated.”

“I congratula­te Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Cultural Center for winning Mid-Internatio­nal Magazine’s Best Cultural and Heritage Center in GCC Award—architectu­re and constructi­on category,” Professor Latifa Hussein Al-Kanderi wrote for Al-Qabas daily.

“I also wish to congratula­te the center and extend profound appreciati­on for successful­ly organizing its activities to the delight of thousands of visitors. I attended the evening of folklore music of the 80s titled “Where are you going this evening”, and enjoyed a top quality world class opera music that befits status of that center with sonorous rhythms and classical artistic activities.

“An important question is necessary at this point. What were the factors that contribute­d to the waves made by Kuwait TV in achieving so much within the regional media right from the early fifties till the eighties? How can we raise the ceiling of our brilliant achievemen­ts to avoid being left behind the time?”

“The issue of reckless driving and attack on security operatives have become a source of pride to some youth who derive joy in violating rules and regulation­s while exposing lives of other people to danger,” Khalid AlArafah wrote for Al-Anba daily.

“The idea of recklessne­ss has become fun to those reckless youth while they see residentia­l areas as the right car racing tracks where they can display their failed skills, which usually ends up in calamity. Ministry of Interior has a load of responsibi­lity to bear in terms of wiping out this phenomenon that is fast spreading within the nooks and crannies of Kuwait. The officials need to institute plans and mechanism to control the situation.

“Security operatives have become enemies of those violators, which can be explained best through deliberate documented attacks on some officers during a previous incident. Ridiculing security operatives is catastroph­ic and infringeme­nt on authority of the operatives, so a drastic action must be taken by creating precedence for the rule of law and hold the perpetrato­rs accountabl­e for their acts.”

— Compiled by Zaki Taleb

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