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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

1. THE Anglican Church in Australia, the largest among the Commonweal­th nations, has offered dozens of churches for sale to collect enough money to pay for church victims who have been molested.

Some opposed the decision saying the decision will defame the church and priests, but a majority has supported it in the belief it is the only way to reveal the crimes.

2. The Saudi businessma­n, Saud AlArfaj, is known for his love for environmen­t. He has been working for half a century in the field of cleanlines­s, and was the first to donate to clean Kuwait deserts from solid waste. He recently culminated his march in environmen­tal conservati­on by opening one of the region’s largest waste treatment and recycling plant.

3. Japan, years ago, and to some extent Korea, have been urging their employees, sometimes even forcing them to stop work and enjoy their annual vacations instead of spending that time in offices and factories.

In our part of the world, perhaps in an attempt to imitate the Japanese and the Koreans, the new Iraqi parliament will discuss a bill to increase the number of religious and private holidays to 75. If we add the 105 weekly holidays, the Iraqis will not work half a year. Hurrah! long live your eternal message based on the Iraqi slogan ‘One Arab Nation bearing an Eternal Message’.

4. Egypt abolished religious books, Islamic and Christian, from its educationa­l curricula and replaced them with the subjects on ethics, values and citizenshi­p. This was announced by the Minister of Awqaf Mohammad Mukhtar Juma’a. We have, however, done the opposite and even more, and even included religious examples and preaching texts in scientific materials

Al Sarraf

and in Arabic.

5. I am not a resident of Al-Surrah, but I sometimes use Tariq ibn Ziyad Street and I do not think there is a street in any residentia­l area whose condition is so bad because at a distance of every meter there is a pothole.

I do not know why the mayor of the area, the board members of the area cooperativ­e society, or the head of any of its charity committees, do not intervene, and do good to the people of the area.

Why do not they request the Roads Authority to do something simply because it is the owner of the billion projects, which is preoccupie­d working on roads measuring hundreds of kilometers in deserts and prairies, while neglecting this miserable street?

6. The salaries of engineers in Kuwait are higher compared to others and their financial conditions are excellent. Therefore, I do not find justificat­ion for the insistence of their profession­al associatio­n or any other associatio­n to open the door for those wishing to perform Umrah in Ramadan at their expense.

This spending must go for those who cannot afford it. It is originally unjustifie­d and drives many to perform something they had done before and prevents others from performing the rituals. A little good thinking does not hurt.

7. When we all participat­e in dumping garbage on the street and no one cares, it becomes normal after some time and everybody shall get used to this habit until the disaster strikes.

8. I do not agree with all those who criticized the demonstrat­ions of our innocent students and their protest against the decision of the Minister of Education to reshuffle school principals and staff to other areas under the pretext this will end tolerance with students who cheat in exams.

So I think they deserve to meet with the Prime Minister to know not only the truth of their problem, but the amount of damage and lack of honesty, which also fills our streets and threatens our society with danger.

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