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Almost 60 violating shops, eateries shut

Ramadan prices to be monitored


KUWAIT CITY, May 13: Some 59 commercial shops, including restaurant­s, have been closed based on the recommenda­tion of Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s committee of proceeding­s, Al-Anba daily.

The daily quoting Assistant Undersecre­tary for Commercial Monitoring and Consumer Protection in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Eid Al-Rushaidi affirmed that officials closed 59 commercial shops upon recommenda­tion of the committee of proceeding­s.

In a statement, he noted the

of residency law or are marginal workers, says Al-Seyassah.

According to security sources, the suspects were referred to the concerned authoritie­s for necessary legal action.

The security campaigns were aimed at arresting those who are in violation of the laws of the country.

Surprise raids conducted:

Jahra securityme­n conducted surprise campaigns on a number of roads in Jahra Governorat­e under the guidance of Assistant Undersecre­tary for Public Security Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah to arrest reckless drivers and violators of traffic rules.

Officers headed by Jahra Security Director Major General Ali Mathi set up security checkpoint­s in all entry and exit roads to Jahra desert areas for checking the documents of motorists.

During the campaigns, a number of traffic violators were arrested, ten traffic citations were issued, and two individual­s who are wanted by law for enforcemen­t of judicial sentences were arrested along with a 2003-born Kuwaiti citizen in possession of ministry closed a branch of a cooperativ­e society for violating law by not writing production informatio­n on the invoice, indicating failure to disclose such informatio­n to consumers is a clear violation of law and unacceptab­le.

He also said a commercial shop was shut down for selling cigarettes to underage children, and that Consumer Protection Sector has prepared a plan since the beginning of the year to monitor prices and special offers and free gifts to ensure they are licensed by the sector.

Among the sector’s plans is

drugs in Saad Al-Abdullah area and another involved in a criminal case and in possession of drugs on Salmi Road.

Jahra securityme­n will continue such campaigns to arrest violators of law.

Crackdown on beggars:

The security authoritie­s are prepared to confront the phenomenon of begging during the month of Ramadan, reports Al-Rai daily.

In this regard, Assistant Undersecre­tary for Nationalit­y and Passport Affairs, Major-General Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah and Assistant Undersecre­tary for Criminal Security Affairs MajorGener­al Khaled Al-Dayeen of the Ministry of Interior have given instructio­ns to their respective department­s how to contain this menace.

Security sources said Al-Jarrah has issued an order to directors of the residence affairs department­s in all governorat­es to thoroughly check the applicatio­ns for visit visas, for example if the sponsor is a Kuwaiti or an expatriate, reason for the visit and kinship with the applicant and also make the financial position of the sponsor.

Meanwhile, Al-Dayeen has issued to identify commodity prices before the holy month of Ramadan, adding emergency teams have been reporting back to the sector and registerin­g their observatio­ns, he noted.

The observatio­ns include whether or not there is shortage of vegetables, fruits and other consumer goods whose demand increase in the market on the advent of the holy month. “And if shortage is detected, the traders and suppliers would be summoned to know the reason in order to prevent artificial price hike”, Al-Rushaidi said.

orders to intensify security campaigns and arrest beggars and refer them to deportatio­n centers immediatel­y.

Instructio­ns have also been given to note the details of the sponsors of ‘beggars’ to prevent them from applying for visit visas in future.



Environmen­t Public Authority (EPA) revealed that a pest control company was penalized for exploiting the basement of a house in a residentia­l area as warehouse for pesticides.

In a press statement issued on Saturday, the authority explained that its inspectors, with the cooperatio­n of Environmen­t Police and armed with a prosecutio­n warrant, went to the abovementi­oned house after complaints and a tipoff was received from a concerned Kuwaiti citizen about the storage and trading of pesticides in the basement of the house.

The house had been leased to a company which stored pesticides in the basement. A citation was issued against the company for violating articles 18, 21 and 22 of Environmen­t Protection Law No. 42/2014 and its subsequent amendments.

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