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Citizens acquitted:

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The Criminal Court acquitted two citizens of possessing narcotic pills with the intention of consuming the pills, says Al-Seyassah.

According to the prosecutio­n, the arresting officer was on routine patrol in Andalus where he spotted a car parked in a dusty yard and upon approachin­g it, he saw two individual­s who appeared intoxicate­d.

After inquiring about their identities, the officer received informatio­n from the central command that the two are citizens wanted by law for involvemen­t in a civil case. The officer also found in the suspects’ possession three plastic packets containing white substance which the lab report described as narcotics.

Representi­ng the two citizens was Attorney Inaam Haydar who argued in court that the arresting officer did not follow procedures as he searched and arrested her clients without a warrant from the Public Prosecutio­n, in addition to failure to present substantia­l evidence.


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