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‘Fund govt before Aug break’:



US President Donald Trump said on Saturday that Congress must have a deal to fund the federal government before the summer break in August or lawmakers would have to stay in Washington.

In a tweet, Trump also said the funding bill should include money to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

“The Senate should get funding done before the August break, or NOT GO HOME,” he tweeted. “Wall and Border Security should be included.”

A $1.3 trillion spending bill, which Trump signed in March, will keep the government funded through the end of September.

Trump last month threatened to shutdown the federal government if the Republican-controlled Congress did not provide more money for the wall. The government briefly shut down in January over immigratio­n.

Trump also complained on Saturday about delays confirming hundreds of people he had nominated to serve in his administra­tion, and accused Democrats of obstructio­n. (RTRS)

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