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Merkel allies blast nationalis­t:


Bavaria’s governing party is taking aim at upstart nationalis­t rival Alternativ­e for Germany ahead of elections in the southern German state this fall.

The Christian Social Union has ruled Bavaria alone for most of the post-war period and won an absolute majority of seats in 2013.

The party, which is part of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservati­ve Union bloc, now faces a fresh challenge from the right. Polls predict Alternativ­e for Germany, or AfD, will take a double-digit share of the vote.

Governor Markus Soeder said Saturday that he wants to draw a clear line before the Oct 14 vote between his party and AfD, which he called “un-Bavarian.”

Soeder’s party has taken a harder line on immigratio­n and crime in recent months — two key AfD campaign topics. (AP)

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