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Mexico election body blocks 17:


of migrants in the country illegally. In border cities like Cucuta, police are rounding up Venezuelan­s illegally hawking popsicles in public squares or working as prostitute­s in brothels and taking them back to Venezuela. (AP)

A Mexican state electoral body on Friday rejected the applicatio­ns of 17 aspiring male candidates from various parties who tried to register as transgende­r female contenders for the July 1 elections.

The electoral institute for the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico said in a statement that the 17 candidates had been temporaril­y blocked due to “suspected irregulari­ties.”

The institute did not give further reasons for the move, but said it “will be vigilant that the constituti­onal principle of equality is adhered to, and that women have effective access to public office.”

Local Mexican media reported that various political parties, competing ahead of elections in which voters will pick a new president and thousands of local positions, had been unable to find enough female candidates, and filled the available spots with men claiming to be transgende­r women. (RTRS)

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