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Brazil seizes 2 tonnes cannabis:


Police in Brazil on Saturday said they seized two tonnes of cannabis being transporte­d in a refrigerat­ed truck near the southeaste­rn coastal town of Pirai.

The Civil Police in Rio de Janeiro state said in a statement that they arrested 33-year-old suspect and seized “about two tonnes” of cannabis, as well as of two assault rifles and a pistol.

Both drugs and arms had been secreted within the body of the truck, police said.

The city of Rio de Janeiro, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Pirai, is a center of the illicit drug trade in Brazil, with powerful gangs of narcotraff­ickers controllin­g some of the city’s poorest neighborho­ods.

In late February, President Michel Temer put the army in charge of public security in Rio state, in an attempt to quell an upsurge of street crime and drug-related violence. (AFP)

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