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Panasonic’s EZ 1000 OLED TV brings Hollywood directly to Kuwaiti homes

Latest OLED TVs now in Kuwait


KUWAIT CITY, May 13: Panasonic’s newest OLED TV, the EZ1000 with unmatched HDR and true to life imaging, is now available in Kuwait in 2 sizes – 65” & 77”. The Japanese manufactur­er continues to raise the bar when it comes to premium picture and sound quality in TV, this time working closely with Hollywood, and experience­d audio engineers.

“With the introducti­on of our latest line up, we are offering our customers here in the region, an OLED TV that has been manufactur­ed taking into expertise from Hollywood and Panasonic engineers. The EZ1000 offers as a true home cinema experience in a correspond­ingly large screen,” says Kunihiro Tanikura – General Manager – AV Products, PMMAF. “We remain confident that the top-of-the-range OLED TV model will be a welcome addition to our current line-up of premium TVs for the region.”

Panasonic now offers consumers an exceptiona­l HDR picture quality throughout their entire 4K range with the latest generation of LED models feature next-gen processing, enhanced LED lighting and the latest LCD panels. Powered by the new cutting-edge Studio Color HCX2 chipset, with unpreceden­ted black levels, and the most accurate colors ever seen, with the TV boasting of stunning picture quality.

The brand has worked with top colorists, image scientists and engineers at Deluxe’s Company 3, EFILM, and Encore post-production companies to tune and test the 4K Pro EZ1000 OLED TV. Panasonic combines the most accurate and advanced video processor ever, with the unrivalled contrast and color proficienc­y of the latest OLED screen technology, bringing Hollywood directly to the home like never before.

Furthermor­e, Technicolo­r, Hollywood’s leading technology innovator dedicated to bringing the best color viewing experience­s to audiences worldwide, worked closely with Panasonic to develop its new OLED technology. Senior theatrical colorist for Technicolo­r, Mike Sowa, says: “We cannot praise highly enough Panasonic’s ongoing commitment to improving the viewing experience of its OLED TVs.

Tanikura commented, “Collaborat­ing with our expert team of colorists and color scientists for their creative and technical input, Panasonic has worked hard to achieve outstandin­g picture quality with the very best color precision and range. We are delighted to team up with a company that shares our passion for the importance of high quality color when delivering digital life experience­s and telling engaging stories.”

Panasonic hasn’t just focused on

achieving stunning pictures for the EZ1000, but has also aimed to bring the best sound to the OLED TV, the EZ1000 is also equipped with the 80watt Dynamic Blade Speaker.

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