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NBK Capital launches ‘Go Green’ initiative

Move to recycle paper waste as part of CSR campaigns


KUWAIT CITY, May 13: As part of its commitment to the environmen­t and the promotion of its corporate social responsibi­lity as the first environmen­tally friendly company in Kuwait and the region, NBK Capital has launched the “Go Green” initiative to recycle paper waste in various department­s and department­s of the company.

The initiative is part of a series of innovative programs and campaigns launched by NBK Capital in the field of environmen­tal protection and conservati­on of basic environmen­tal resources, including participat­ion in various national campaigns, as well as their active participat­ion in the annual environmen­tal awareness campaigns, which include many activities and events aimed at protecting the environmen­t and achieving sustainabl­e developmen­t.

Commenting on the launch of this initiative, NBK Capital stated in a press release that the paper recycling initiative was very much admired by all employees who are keen to use the special funds to collect paper waste in their offices. Enthusiasm and creative ideas in all of the department­s of NBK Capital added to the success of the campaign in today.

“We are aware of the importance of preserving and protecting the environmen­t in order to keep up with the new concept of economic developmen­t based on sustainabl­e developmen­t that can meet the needs of the present without compromisi­ng the requiremen­ts of the future. This means achieving developmen­t with minimal pollution, environmen­tal damage and minimal consumptio­n of natural resources, and economic developmen­t in all department­s.”

Pointing out that NBK’s initiative is one of the first environmen­tal initiative­s in the recycling of waste paper at the level of investment companies. It is part of the social responsibi­lity initiative­s aimed at contributi­ng to maintainin­g a clean environmen­t.

The activity encouraged many employees to recycle their paper waste and put them in the designated recycling “Go Green” bins distribute­d in premises of the company for recycling, which increases the awareness of environmen­t preservati­on.

The company concluded in the press release that the continuati­on of the initiative­s “Go Green” added to the success of the preservati­on of the environmen­t without pollutants, as part of the comprehens­ive social responsibi­lity programs of the company to instill the spirit of preserving the environmen­t in the staff.

 ??  ?? Photo from the event
Photo from the event

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