Arab Times

CANNES, France:


In one of the oddest but most fitting of press conference­s, reclusive and iconoclast­ic director JeanLuc Godard spoke to reporters Saturday at the Cannes Film Festival via FaceTime, answering questions over a mobile phone screen.

The unusual sight and rare audience with the 87-year-old French filmmaking legend was marveled at by festivalgo­ers who pronounced the press conference perfectly “Godardian.” The director who pioneered film’s New Wave movement during the 1960s was connected by phone by French critic Gerard Lefort, who held the screen aloft for reporters to approach, one by one.

Journalist­s lined up for their chance to ask one of cinema’s most enigmatic figures questions about his new film, the state of cinema and even Michael Bay, whose “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” is seen fleetingly in Godard’s “The Image Book.” (AP)

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