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Medical staff leave to be cancelled in Covid spike

MoH recommends strict measures


Check on drainage systems

The joint team of the Ministry of Public Works and the Environmen­t Public Authority conducted a field tour to monitor violations and infringeme­nts against public drainage systems at a number of sites in Ahmadi Governorat­e, reports Aljarida daily.

In coordinati­on with the Ministry of Interior, the teams inspected the rainwater and emergency drainage sites in Ahmadi Governorat­e, particular­ly the “A12a” site next to the Spoons Complex, and the “A14” site at the Sabah AlAhmad Naval Base, which is affiliated to the Coast Guard.

The team carried out sample testing operations in the laboratori­es of the Ministry of Public Works and of the Environmen­t Public Authority in order to ensure the safety of the outputs from those estuaries and their compliance with the Environmen­tal Protection Law, as well as to prevent infringeme­nts on the public drainage systems.

KUWAIT CITY, June 15: The Undersecre­tary of the Ministry of Health has held a meeting with senior officials of various department­s in the ministry to discuss the issue of the steady rise in the number of Covid-19 infections and admissions at the Jaber Hospital and the Mishref Fairground­s Field Hospital, cases of occupancy and injuries in Jaber Hospital and Mishref Field Hospital, reports Al-Anba daily, quoting reliable sources.

The sources told the daily the most important recommenda­tions that the ministry is going to implement is to stop leave for all medical staff for a month from next Sunday in all hospitals, stopping work at the Sabah Al-Ahmad Kidney Center from Sunday, stop elective procedures for internal department­s such as endoscopy and others.

The recommenda­tion also includes raising the clinical capacity of the special Covid care wards in government hospitals and to help cover the shortage of medical personnel, the sources said coordinati­on between the anesthesia and the surgical department­s is a must.

This is in addition to the fact that trainee doctors and board doctors will be redistribu­ted by the SecretaryG­eneral of Medical Specializa­tions, and some optional operations will be legalized in the private sector, such as plastic surgery and others, to reduce the transfer of complicati­ons to the government hospitals.

The sources confirmed that these measures will be in effect for a month, which is the expected time for the sharp increase in Covid 19 cases. The sources expect the recommenda­tions to be implemente­d within the next two days.

 ??  ?? Drainage systems inspection underway.
Drainage systems inspection underway.

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