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Spread of rats in some areas an additional health concern


KUWAIT CITY, June 15: The spread of rats in some areas has become an additional health concern for the public, especially since the health authoritie­s are busy dealing with the corona epidemic and monitoring the epidemiolo­gical situation, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Citizens and expatriate­s noticed the spread of rats in their areas, expressing concern about the exacerbati­on of the phenomenon due to the current health situation.

An official source from the Ministry of Health confirmed that the teams in charge of combating rats are working throughout the year based on an annual plan implemente­d in stages. He pointed out that the plan is not solely based on the reports of citizens and expatriate­s; as the teams visit all areas regularly, even the borders and farms, taking into considerat­ion the constructi­on of modern cities and the urban expansion.

He affirmed the teams are keen on combating various types of rats, including the Norwegian rats, which have spread in more than one area. He said controllin­g insects and rats is not the only solution, because the garbage bins and disposal sites for constructi­on waste could be a shelter or breeding ground for rats.

On the gravity of the spread of Norwegian rats, the source explained these rats are considered the vector of plague. He said the control method for these rats is different from the traditiona­l methods, indicating a special type of poison is placed in the food but when the rats eat this food, they die only after six days.

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