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Is 1,200 dinars reward a blessing or is it a curse?


KUWAIT CITY, June 15: A strange phenomenon surfaced in the Ministry of Informatio­n especially in the radio and television sectors after everyone showed their eagerness to prepare and present a program to be eligible to receive the 1,200 dinars reward, reports AlAnba daily.

This phenomenon has begun to exacerbate, which prompts us to ask “Is the 1,200 dinars reward a blessing or a curse?”

This question arises because some of the programs, that were the result of this phenomenon, look very ordinary and their ideas are meaningles­s, not to mention several of these programs are ‘copypaste’. They are just copied from the Internet and most of the contents copied from newspapers whether from the technical or cultural point of view or otherwise.


It is obvious to the viewer that the presenter has not made the slightest effort to increase awareness in the area of culture to increase it to increase his rewards until he reaches the specified ceiling.

The Ministry of Informatio­n praises the motivation of its employees to provide the best of their country for the radio and television, but there must be criteria to be determined by the broadcaste­r who wants to prepare his programs or vice versa.

Officials in the Ministry of Informatio­n are required to deal with this phenomenon that has spread in the corridors of the Ministry of Informatio­n in search of material things more than presenting something special to their country’s radio and television.

Another question that disturbs the mind is: Who determines the value of the rewards for these special programs and if these programs have a specific criteria? The answer will be highly appreciate­d.

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