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School employees told to submit resignatio­ns prior to travel


KUWAIT CITY, June 16: Some private schools have informed their employees, particular­ly the teachers that if they go on vacation and travel outside the country, they must submit their resignatio­ns prior to the travel in anticipati­on of the continued closure of the airport and the difficulty the teacher may face to return to Kuwait, which will give right for the school administra­tion to look for replacemen­t, reports AlAnba daily.

This came in a circular issued by one of the private schools, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, citing COVID-19 as the reason because of the circumstan­ces the country is going through due to the Corona pandemic and the strict measures taken by the concerned authoritie­s for returning residents.

The circular states, an employee who wishes to travel outside the country while on vacation must submit his/her resignatio­n, and that in the event of not returning and starting work at the beginning of the working day, which falls on Wednesday Sept 12, 2021, the employer has the right to invoke the Labor Law Article No. 42, which states: ‘If the worker is absent from work without an acceptable excuse for a period of seven consecutiv­e days or twenty separate days during a year, the employer may consider him resigned.”

As the business owner is not responsibl­e for any reasons or precaution­ary measures taken at the state level such as for not opening the airport and allowing the return of travelers and others it becomes necessary to warn the ‘travelers in advance’.

The circular concluded with an important note that states: In the event of travel without the knowledge of the school administra­tion or notificati­on, the administra­tion will be forced to apply the penalty of the Labor Law Article No. 42.

This circular has met the rejection and disapprova­l of many female schools employees and teachers, especially since it is an individual decision and cannot be generalize­d by all schools of the Ministry of Education, and they considered it unfair and infringeme­nt of their right to force them to submit their resignatio­n if they wish to travel during the vacation.

Commenting on the school’s procedures, educationa­l sources said in a statement to the daily that the school owner has the right to act as he sees fit so as not to face confusion at the beginning of the next academic year, noting that the exceptiona­l circumstan­ces the world is going through requires everyone to take precaution­s and caution.

However, the sources added, in the event of the terminatio­n of the services of the teacher or employee, the school is required to pay all the employee’s entitlemen­ts in full according to the rules and regulation­s in force.

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