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Private oil sector workers threaten to go on a strike

- By Fares Al Abadan Al-Seyassah Staff and

KUWAIT CITY, June 26: Workers of private oil sector have threatened to go on a strike if their demands for equality with their counterpar­ts in the government oil sector are not met.

On Wednesday, dozens of employees of private oil companies staged a sit-in in front of the headquarte­rs of the Petroleum Workers Union to demand benefits and regulatory amendments that would place them in the ranks of employees of the government oil sector. Several representa­tives of different syndicates and labor unions were present at the location.

Head of the Kuwait Trade Union Federation Ahmed AlEnezi affirmed that the sit-in will be followed by strikes if the concerned authoritie­s does not comply and sit at the negotiatin­g table to come to an agreement about the preservati­on of the rights of the workers of this sector.

He stressed the need to implement Law No. 28/1969, amend the Kuwaitizat­ion regulation­s, and apply the principle of justice and equality stipulated in the constituti­on.

Representa­tives of the Union of Petroleum Workers and the Petrochemi­cal Industry, the Workers Union of the Gulf Oil Company, and the National Petroleum Union also affirmed their support for the demands of private oil sector workers for their full due rights.

They expressed their astonishme­nt over the matter, saying, “There is no sense in devouring the rights of oil workers in an oil-producing country like Kuwait”.

Meanwhile, according to a high-ranking oil source, Kuwait Petroleum Corporatio­n (KPC) has made great strides in restructur­ing the oil sector, with an internatio­nal consulting house developing a detailed plan for the restructur­ing process, the main features of which so far have been to keep the KPC as it is, and for it to be incorporat­ed by three independen­t companies, reports Al-Anba daily.

The source explained that the three independen­t companies would be as follows - a company concerned with exploratio­n and production inside Kuwait, a company concerned with refining and manufactur­ing inside Kuwait, and the third company concerned with global operations.

KPC will have three main sectors under its umbrella. It will transfer the dependency of the Kuwait Oil Tankers Company to the global marketing sector.

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