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‘Muslims target in anti-ISIS fight; Western terror gangs overlooked’

- — Compiled by Zaki Taleb

“A FEW days ago, the foreign media talked about the meeting of 45 foreign ministers of various countries that will take place in the Italian capital, Rome, under the title of ‘Confrontin­g the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Africa,” columnist Sultan Ibrahim Al-Khalaf wrote for Al-Rai daily.

“This meeting represents a challenge, instigatio­n and promotion of hatred against Muslims, particular­ly if we take into account aggressive emotions against Muslims by extremist rightist currents in the United States of America, Europe, Canada and Australia.

“In this context, we cite what was said by journalist Lyndsey Hilsome over Rome’s meeting in question by saying ‘with the weakening of ISIS in the Middle East, the confrontat­ion will be shifted to Africa’.

“However, we wonder, what is this Islamic State that possesses all logistic and military potentials in the Middle East so as to shift from here to Africa and involve in military confrontat­ion with the entire world? The ISIS was founded during the US occupation of Iraq with no plan to protect the stability of Iraq, let alone this occupation gave opportunit­y for Iran to intervene in Iraq’s internal affairs.

“We believe this random comment was attributed to the former US president during his election campaign in August 2016, who was quoted as saying ‘President Obama and Hillary Clinton were behind the creation of the Islamic State’, hence, here we cite a historical proverb which says ‘the people of Makkah know its terrains more than anybody else’.

“This Western concern to confront ISIS in Africa, coincides with negligence shown towards the Christian militia led by the terrorist Joseph Kony who led the ‘The Lord’s Resistance Army’ to establish a Christian state in South African Sahara on the basis of The New Testament and the Ten Commandmen­ts.

“These militiamen are still involved in committing crimes – murder, thefts and usurping land in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the South Sudan and the Central African Republic and both the Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the United Nations Human Rights Commission, have documented tens of thousands of murders and usurping crimes in addition to mobilizing a big number of children after convincing them the holy water will resist the bullets.

“Not only that, brutality of the ‘Lord’s Resistance Army’ soldiers has reached such an extent that they amputate the hands of their captives, cutting of ears to terrify others and spread terror in the hearts of those who oppose them.

“In the meantime, we have observed that this terrorist Joseph Kony keeps moving secretly throughout the South Sudan forests along with his gang although an order was issued for his arrest by the Internatio­nal Criminal Court (ICC) in 2005 on the charge of committing crimes against humanity.

“But what is strange is that we have never seen nor heard or read anything about the crimes of Christian terrorist gang or the so-called ‘The Christian State’ from Western media although the latter are seemingly concerned and following up the activities of ISIS.

“Anyway, I don’t think this has occurred by chance, rather enmity of these media against Islam and Muslims is obvious although they claim they respect the religions and human rights.”


“Where lies the problem of rampant of Covid-19 pandemic, the increase in infection cases and deaths since it appears we have returned to square one? Has this anything to do with the Minister of Health or the Prime Minister? Or is this the problem of the entire state along with its freak population structure and the backward health awareness of many people in the country who believe the conspiring theory which falls with the theory mastermind­ed by Bill Gates and the owners of the pharmaceut­icals firms (or are these people rejecting the vaccinatio­n) because they do not trust the drug and the speed of its preparatio­n or maybe they don’t care about social distancing or wearing the mask?” columnist and attorney Hassan Al-Issa mused for Al-Jarida.

“However, if the problem is the responsibi­lity of minister of health who is still in office after 16 months of the outbreak of the pandemic, we say although we presume the minister is the first party that should put in place the necessary solutions to deal with this pandemic, but he still insists to manage the crisis his way by opting for partial, total ban or isolation of some areas in addition to a state of turmoil and complicate­d failure besetting with the contracts that have been concluded between the ministry and the vaccinatio­n companies or related to the contracts that have been concluded to buy face masks, etc?.

“Given the above, we wonder why the Sheikhs of the country still insist to keep this minister in office. This happens while some people who are close to the minister saying he is not concerned about finding realistic solutions to counter the disease, rather he is concerned about promoting the image of the ministry.

“Anyway, can the Minister of Health Dr. Basel Al-Sabah be subjected to strong pressures from the public and the merchants of the country in general in order him to open the country to the outside world, because the financial situation has aggravated as such Kuwait is considered a country without walls.

“Or is this problem related to the population structure and expatriate­s who have yet to receive the vaccine given the fact they constitute an absolute majority among the country’s population many of whom live illegally in the country and as such they will not come forward to be vaccinated? Or all of the facts can be summarized as ‘mismanagem­ent’ of the state affairs? God help us.”

“The Ministry of Health has every right to denounce the smear campaigns against its medical staff for urging people to get vaccinated and the ministry’s assertion that its staff have devoted their efforts to protecting society. This is in addition to prevention and treatment related functions. It stressed the need to ignore unconfirme­d and unknown informatio­n, while appealing to everyone to cooperate and stand together in protecting society along with all its components,” columnist Abdulrahma­n Al-Awwad wrote for Al-Sabah daily.

“Yes, the ministry is right. It really deserves our full support, especially for its staff, as they engage in a fierce battle against the most dangerous epidemic known to mankind. They are the front-liners in this battle, sacrificin­g themselves, their time and comfort in order to protect - by the grace of God Almighty - the citizens and expatriate­s from this crushing danger, and provide them with all the elements of comfort, wellness and enjoyment of life.

“It is neither reasonable nor acceptable that we reward these heroes with ingratitud­e and denial or abuse them to the point of assaulting them, which should be condemned by the whole society, government, parliament, media, civil society institutio­ns and all citizens.

“We watch video clips posted on social media, which show how civilized societies in Europe and America celebrate, salute and applaud doctors and nurses. It is a phenomenon that prevails in most countries, especially after the doctors showed bravery in protecting their societies and the entire humanity from the pandemic.”

“News websites have extensivel­y discussed the record high temperatur­es for days. The weather is still harsh, yet we have not received any awareness messages about the high temperatur­e and its effects on health and many aspects of life. This is despite the fact that Kuwait, as far as I know, is one of the parties to the global protocols and agreements on climate change - the most famous of which is the Paris Protocol,” columnist Dr Hind Al-Choumar wrote for Al-Anba daily.

“Based on my knowledge, educating society about climate change and its effects has been stipulated in internatio­nal charters, and even the global goals and targets for sustainabl­e developmen­t that were adopted by world leaders and heads of states in September 2015 at the United Nations Sustainabl­e Developmen­t Summit.

“The commitment­s related to addressing climate change through plans and programmes, including raising awareness, have been stipulated in more than one place. We must not lose sight of these commitment­s, especially the effects of climate on health, particular­ly the health of the elderly, children and those who suffer from chronic diseases.

“I hope the official and private media, specialist­s and NGOs will be interested in shedding light on the media messages without underestim­ating or exaggerati­ng climate change, as well as the interactio­n of ministries and other State institutio­ns in this regard, and the national plans and studies in this field.”

 ??  ?? Sultan Al-Khalaf
Sultan Al-Khalaf

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