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Ministry of Health condemns deliberate smear campaigns against health personnel

- By Marwa Bahrawi Al-Seyassah Staff

of Health has condemned the deliberate smear campaigns against health personnel just because they raise awareness and urge everyone to receive vaccines against the COVID-19 virus, and said the ministry supports and appreciate­s the efforts of medical personnel who have devoted their efforts to protect the community preventive­ly and curatively.

In a statement, the ministry urged everyone not to pay heed or rather ignore unconfirme­d and unknown informatio­n, pointing to the importance of cooperatio­n and standing as one to protect the society from the deadly virus.

The ministry praised all official and voluntary efforts which contribute to the community awareness and preservati­on and the efforts devoted to urging others to get vaccinated to help everyone co-exist with this epidemic safely, especially efforts that urge everyone to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Kuwaiti Medical Associatio­n (KMA) has mobilized forces against the attack on doctors by some antivaccin­ation activists who are active on the social media who present abnormal and strange ideas and trends, which are of course a blow to health security in light of the great momentum the ministry has gathered both the global and local level.

The KMA stressed that global medical studies and local statistics clearly demonstrat­ed the benefits of vaccinatio­n, and the harms of refraining from it, especially that the number of people who received the Covid-19 vaccinatio­n globally amounted is 3 billion and is in line with the benefits of this vaccinatio­n.

The KMA President Dr Ahmed Thuwaini Al-Enezi, affirmed that the associatio­n is the legitimate representa­tive of doctors in Kuwait and their representa­tive in civil society institutio­ns, and an advocate for community health, as it is the first supporter of the vaccinatio­n campaign as a major step in combating the Corona pandemic.

For his part, the KMA Vice-President

Dr. Ali Al-Moussawi, indicated the country’s senior leaders support the great efforts of medical cadres, and appreciate the great sacrifices made by doctors to save people’s lives in the face of this global pandemic.

The KMA Secretary-General Dr. Salem Al-Kandari said the method of attack and bullying that characteri­zes some of those who oppose vaccinatio­n is the biggest evidence of their abnormalit­y and fragility and the level of their behavior and thinking.

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Dr Moussawi
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Dr Al-Enezi

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