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‘Ministry will not risk health of students’ Education keen to activate channels with auditors


KUWAIT CITY, July 11, (KUNA): Undersecre­tary of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Yaqoub, affirmed his keenness to activate the communicat­ion channels with the auditors, whether in person or electronic­ally, through which various inquiries about the ministry and its services are answered.

Al-Yaqoub said in a press statement Sunday, after receiving a number of Ministry of Education employees from members of the educationa­l and administra­tive staff and auditors, that his reception of the ministry’s employees in its entire spectrum is a link between the competent authoritie­s within the various sectors in the ministry and the beneficiar­ies of its services.

He expressed his aspiration to “receive the requests of all auditors and implement them as a matter of urgency, because the competent authoritie­s are among us in the reception center to follow up and benefit directly and to finalize the procedures for the issues raised.”


He stressed his commitment and all sectors and department­s in education to serve the ministry’s employees and parents with accuracy and transparen­cy through a qualified and experience­d specialist who uses all kinds of technology to facilitate procedures and speed up the completion of transactio­ns on time.

He added, “within the framework of the Ministry of Education’s endeavor to develop its services and work method, we have received auditors to listen to them and provide the best services in a manner that reflects developmen­t and good organizati­on, so that the general objective of the Ministry is achieved through practicing various specializa­tions and providing the best services to the auditors.”

He affirmed his commitment to follow up on the various sectors concerns in the ministry with the topics submitted by the auditors to ensure that they are not delayed, in addition to informing the applicant of the procedures taken regarding his request and the result it reached immediatel­y, as well as submitting a periodic report to the responsibl­e sector on the issues related to the auditors and making statistica­l tables after counting, sorting and classifyin­g them.

He stated that “our goal is to provide our services with accuracy, care and efficiency to all affiliated with the Ministry of Education in order to achieve high levels of satisfacti­on, as it has been determined to receive 50

per day.”

He pointed out that the step taken by the Education would touch the concerns of the auditors in the light of which the transactio­n is carried out in a clear and transparen­t manner and work to solve all problems.

Regarding the most prominent transactio­ns received on the first day, Al-Yaqoub said, “most of them are related to the administra­tive and public education sectors, especially the stranded teachers, the return to schools, and grievances about the promotion

of supervisor­y positions and students’ exams.”

He explained that the number of transactio­ns dealt with is 37, including 24 for public education, 11 for administra­tion, and two for the educationa­l developmen­t sector.

Al-Yaqoub praised the efforts of the existing work team that organized the process of receiving the auditors from the leaders, supervisor­s and employees of the Ministry of Education, who were present today at the Ministry’s building since the early morning.

 ?? KUNA photo ?? UNHCR and the Kuwaiti Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity during the signing of the grant deal to aid Syrian refugees.
KUNA photo UNHCR and the Kuwaiti Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity during the signing of the grant deal to aid Syrian refugees.

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