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KD 55.2 million collected in donations during Ramadan

- By Faris Al-Abdan Al-Seyassah Staff

KUWAIT CITY, July 11: The Assistant Undersecre­tary for Social Developmen­t at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Hana Al-Hajri, announced the eighteenth project to collect donations which was implemente­d by the ministry last Ramadan has collected more than 55,258 dinars, an increase of more than 12 million dinars over the ‘Ramadan 2020 project’, which was 43.21 million dinars despite the repercussi­ons associated with the “Corona” pandemic and the package of precaution­ary measures taken by the state to prevent the spread of infection with the virus.

Al-Hajri said in a press statement the field inspection teams formed by the ministry to monitor collection of donations during Ramadan conducted 2,259 field visits throughout the holy month which resulted in detecting 185 ‘booths’ some of which were collecting clothes and were removed in coordinati­on with the Kuwait Municipali­ty officials and the Ministry of Interior.

She stated, 253 unlicensed advertisem­ents of charity societies and organizati­ons were also removed and the owners made to sign a pledge not to repeat the offence.

This is in addition to 167 advertisem­ents of restaurant­s who called for collecting money under the pretext of preparing meals for ‘iftar’, and informing the Ministry of Commerce to take legal measures against the violators.

Al-Hajri indicated 6 institutio­ns working in the field of publishing and distributi­on were also penalized for calling on citizens and residents to donate money towards charity in violation of the standing rules and regulation­s.

She indicated, the inspection teams for monitoring various social media sites Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook also discovered unlicensed and illegal methods used by them to collect money — whether individual­s or entities.

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