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Printing vehicles at govt depts pose hurdles


KUWAIT CITY, Sept 5: Despite fulfilling the needs of clients visiting the government department­s to print their documents, in light of the suspension of service centers in those department­s and the cancellati­on of the contracts of a company that used to provide the service, the presence of mobile printing vehicles in front of many department­s and ministries, especially the department­s of the Ministry of Interior, is still not acceptable as it appears. They are placed in an unorganize­d manner, and do not meet the conditions deemed appropriat­e for the employees inside these vehicles or for the clients who queue in front of them without any kind of protection from the sun, reports AlRai daily.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has contribute­d to reducing the level of congestion in front of such vehicles, especially with the conversion of the transactio­ns of many government agencies into electronic on their websites, the presence of clients call for the need to ensure these vehicles are organized and placed in better locations and under better conditions. This is especially necessary with the return of work in those department­s to its full capacity, which may cause the cessation of some electronic transactio­ns, and the return of clients.

The daily visited some locations and monitored the scenes of those trucks, and tracked the situation.

According to an official source, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is responsibl­e for issuing their licenses. Kuwait Municipali­ty determines their locations and organizes them.

He said, “The need of government agencies for these vehicles led officials to turn a blind eye as to whether or not they had a licence. This caused those who have a vehicle to stand in front of any government agency and provide photocopyi­ng and printing services, especially in front of the General Traffic Department, General Department for Residency Affairs, the Public Authority for Civil Informatio­n, the Public Authority for Manpower, and others.”

The source indicated that, “It is possible to arrange special places for these vehicles to provide these services in the buildings of government agencies, ensuring better organizati­on for them and for the public, as the spatial capacity of the buildings of these agencies is very wide”.

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