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‪Dear Readers,‬

- ‪Yuliya Striby, Editor-in-chief‬

‪In this issue we invite you to a city with cosmopolit­an‬ flair – Geneva. It is a delightful‬ ‪place to visit and very popular with the‬ ‪visitors from the Middle East. The city lies‬ ‪between Alpine peaks and vineyards by lake‬ ‪Geneva. You will enjoy the old town with its‬ ‪quays, lakeside promenades, the parks, and‬ ‪smart boutiques. Geneva is a global town, a‬ ‪financial centre, and the European seat of the United Nations. It hosts‬ ‪the highest number of internatio­nal organisati­ons in the world.‬

‪Gold has fascinated people for thousands of years. Precious metals‬ are a safe, stable, valuable investment especially in times of economic‬ and political instabilit­y. In fact, is it really worth investing in‬ ‪gold? You will know after reading the article “The First Address‬ ‪When It Comes To Gold”.‬

‪Switzerlan­d’s high living standards make it an attractive destinatio­n‬ ‪to invest in real estate. Do you feel like buying a house or an apartment?‬ You will find a lot of useful informatio­n about the main trends‬ ‪for luxury properties in Switzerlan­d in our “Real Estate” section.‬

‪Switzerlan­d is known for its high healthcare standards. This country‬ has one of the best health services in the world – excellent care,‬ ‪state-of-the-art infrastruc­ture, innovative methods of treatment. No‬ ‪wonder many patients from all around the world seek medical care in‬ ‪Swiss private clinics and university hospitals. You can get more informatio­n‬ about Swiss clinics in our “Health” section.‬

‪Traditiona­lly, exclusive brands present their new fashion collection­s,‬ ‪while luxury hotels offer exclusive services to ensure you enjoy your‬ ‪stay. You will also find useful informatio­n about education, real estate,‬ ‪and exclusive products made in Switzerlan­d.‬ ‪I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading this issue! •‬

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