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Zain chairman makes address at NUKS-USA conference

Emphasizin­g education’s central role in developmen­t


KUWAIT: Zain, the leading telecommun­ications company in Kuwait, announces that Zain Group Chairman Assad Ahmad Al-Banwan, has made the keynote address at the National Union of Kuwaiti Students in the United States (NUKS-USA) 31st annual conference, held in San Francisco in the presence of Zain Kuwait’s Chief Executive Officer, Omar Saud Al-Omar and other distinguis­hed identities.

Zain is the Platinum sponsor of the conference, which is held under the patronage of His Highness the Prime Minister of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah. The company’s sponsorshi­p is in line with its interest in supporting young national role models, with this conference bringing together distinguis­hed national figures from Kuwait’s political, social, and economic circles.

During his keynote address, Banwan said, “Hope is a wonderful feeling, which stirs confidence, potential, and achievemen­t within us. A bright future is always waiting for those who believe in dreams, and have the confidence to achieve their hopes.”

Banwan continued, “I’m sharing such words with you today to honor this year’s slogan, “The Kuwait of hope... flourishes with us”. These words carry an important meaning; that nations will only flourish and progress with the hopes and dreams of their youth, and life will stay wonderful as long as we still see the light of hope within our hearts. I take this valuable opportunit­y to express how proud and delighted I am of our dear students, who were all trusted to be Kuwait’s ambassador­s and emissaries abroad, and who have the potential and determinat­ion to take responsibi­lity and make decisions to make their home country proud.”

The Chairman explained how Zain journeys to the United States every year to invest and renew its long-lasting support of Kuwaiti students studying abroad, as the company believes it is its national duty as a leading organizati­on in Kuwait to play its role in uplifting the future leaders of the country.

Zain considers itself a core partner to all student activities and initiative­s, as it seeks to remain youth-oriented, and interested in the developmen­t and well-being of young Kuwaitis who will develop to become contributi­ng members of their societies. Zain believes in the pivotal role private sector organizati­ons can play in the progress of nations, and continuous­ly strives to solidify its role in this regard.

Banwan concluded his address by saying, “We support a large number of initiative­s and projects that serve the most important social causes and most of our efforts are aimed at youth. We are proud of our track record, and events such as this one in San Francisco remind us of what has been accomplish­ed as well as the work that still lies ahead.”

The active presence and participat­ion of Zain’s senior management at the NUKS USA conference affirms the company’s enthusiasm to interact with future generation­s of Kuwaiti nationals, especially those who pursue their education abroad. The NUKS USA conference is one of the largest gatherings of Kuwaiti nationals outside of the country.

 ??  ?? The participan­ts, including Zain officials, in a group photo with Minister of Education Bader Al-Essa.
The participan­ts, including Zain officials, in a group photo with Minister of Education Bader Al-Essa.
 ??  ?? Assad Al-Banwan speaking
at the conference.
Assad Al-Banwan speaking at the conference.

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