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NBK Capital holds Smart Wealth Forum


KUWAIT: NBK Capital recently organized a Smart Wealth Forum for Smart Wealth Management in cooperatio­n with Kuwait Economic Society. Key speakers in the field of financial investment presented best practices on financial services, sustainabi­lity, personal planning and innovation in financial technology and investment solutions for middle-income individual­s.

The forum was held with the participat­ion of NBK Group Deputy CEO and Chairman of NBK Capital Sheikha Al-Bahar, NBK Capital CEO Faisal Al-Hamad, NBK Capital’s Financial Technology Sector Vice President Fahd Al-Rasheed Al-Bader, head of the accredited financial analysts society Mujibal Al-Qattan, Secretary of the Kuwait Economic Society Muhannad Al-Sane, Administra­tive Partner of Sirdab Lab Mona Al-Mukhaizeem, President of the Global Research Institute at Deutsche Asset Management Stuart Kirk.

“The objective of this forum is to provide all the perspectiv­es for sound planning in financial investment and create sophistica­ted investment services and plans that will meet the needs of our clients,” said Bahar. “We are committed to continuing to improve financial services for our customers and to make progress in providing products and services that meet the needs and needs of our customers,” she added.

Hamad called for educating investors, especially in the current circumstan­ces, taking into considerat­ion that financial markets are not based on chance, confusion and random estimates, but on study, knowledge and economic tools that enable investors to make successful investment decisions with positive results.

Qattan stressed the need to develop investment tools offered in the market to suit the needs of the middle-income segment of the society in order to increase their participat­ion in the market, taking into account the importance of educating investors on how to choose investment products suitable for their objectives, liquidity and ability to take risks.

Meanwhile, Sane said the challenges facing the Kuwaiti economy currently require that people with middle income review their investment methods and ways of saving money through identifyin­g their main needs in life and being educated on how to choose investment products suitable to their needs and not relying on traditiona­l investment and savings alternativ­es.

Mukhaizeem said technology has become a major part of our daily lives. Therefore, there is a need for more attention by investment companies in changing current methods by developing the way they deal with their customers to meet their needs.

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