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Missing diver’s body found

- By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies

KUWAIT: The Kuwaiti Navy found the body of the citizen Saud Al-Mislem afloat in Aryaq Al-Durrah, two kilometers from the location where he had gone missing, the army said in a statement. The body was taken to Mohammad AlAhmad Naval Base. The army and other apparatuse­s have been searching for Mislem since he had gone missing at sea a week ago.

Police helicopter burned

A fire erupted at an aircraft hangar of the Kuwaiti air police department at the Abdullah Al-Mubarak Airbase in the Kuwait Internatio­nal Airport, the Ministry of Interior announced. The fire caught and totally destroyed an AS356-(MOI) 03 Dolphin helicopter, the ministry stated in a press statement. The statement noted that the cause of the blaze was a short circuit at the Air conditioni­ng unit at the hangar. The massive fire damaged the hanger almost completely and extended to another one, the statement noted, adding that a helicopter from the same model was salvaged from the fire. It pointed out that the ministry had reported the incident to the criminal investigat­ions authoritie­s and the investigat­ions department of the Kuwait Fire Service Directorat­e and a case with No 333/2018 was registered.

No injuries in farm fire

Four fire centers fought a blaze in a 100,000 square meter farm on Sixth Ring Road near Abdullah Al-Mubarak. The flames burned nearly 5,000 square meters of the farm which belongs to the Public Authority for Agricultur­al Affairs and Fish Resources. No injuries were reported. Investigat­ions are underway to find out the cause of the fire.

Policemen jailed for illegal parking

Two policemen were ordered jailed for parking in handicappe­d designated areas. One of them parked his car in a co-op society’s parking lot, Al-Rai reported. Shoppers did not like what they saw and informed Acting Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecre­tary for General Security Maj Gen Ibrahim Al-Tarrah, so he ordered the jailing of the policeman for five days in the military prison. The second policeman parked his patrol car in the handicappe­d designated area of Sulaibkhat health center, so Tarrah also ordered him jailed for five days and issued him a grave traffic citation.

Mom hands over addict son to police

A citizen handed her drug addict son to Bayan police after she woke up while he was screaming. She found her son in a hysterical state, so she called police and allowed them in the house, and gave them a bag he was hiding under the bed. The bag contained drugs, joints and packets containing herbs. He was sent to concerned authoritie­s. In a separate case, an Egyptian family asked for police’s help to rescue them from their drug addict son who threatened them with a knife. Police arrested the suspect and took him to the Drugs Control General Department.

Brothers caught in pre-iftar fight

Two brothers had a fight just before iftar, and one of them suffered an injury to his head. Both were sent to the police station for questionin­g. Separately, Jahra police broke up a fight between five bedoons at Jahra stables, resulting in one of them receiving several stab wounds.

 ??  ?? KUWAIT: Firefighte­rs tackle a blaze at a farm near Abdullah Al-Mubarak.
KUWAIT: Firefighte­rs tackle a blaze at a farm near Abdullah Al-Mubarak.
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